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Club Constitution

The Constitution of the Equestrian Club of The College at Brockport


Article I. NAME

            The name of this club shall be the "Brockport Equestrian Club" (BEC).


The purpose of BEC shall be to promote participation and sportsmanship in equestrian activities among all students without regard to their level of riding skill.  Emphasis shall be placed upon providing an environment conducive to equine education while encouraging the development of sportsmanship, leadership, and team spirit.

Article III. Affiliations

The BEC intercollegiate team shall be associated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).


Section 1: Eligibility                                                                                                                       

Club membership in BEC shall be open to any interested students at the College at Brockport. In order to be eligible for membership with the Brockport Equestrian Club, a person must be enrolled as a student, either full-time or part-time, at The College at Brockport and must be in good academic standing. All club participants must complete and turn in the club participation packet to the club sports office, and sign all liability release form(s) and safety waiver(s) before attending lessons, practices, or competitions. Team members must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or higher. Team members must join and pay set individual dues for the IHSA; hunt seat team members must also join and pay set individual fees for the USHJA.

Section 2: Equipment                                                                                                                        

All club members shall be required to provide themselves with long pants or breeches, hard-soled boots with a half-inch to inch heel (steel-toed boots will not be accepted), and an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet. A member shall not be allowed to participate in lessons, practices, or competitions until all aforementioned equipment is in their possession. ASTM/SEI certified helmets may be provided by the coach.

Section 3: Capacity                                                                                                                     

This constitution will not set a quota or maximum membership capacity.  The BEC will accommodate as many members as possible given its resources.

Section 4: Eligibility to be an Officer                                                                                                       

In order to hold the position of an Officer, a person must have been a member of the organization for at least one semester, and must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

Article V. COACH

The BEC shall have a coach(es).  The coach(es) will be a professional trainer(s) from the area who agree(s) to give lessons and training to the club members for a set hourly fee.  The lessons will be taken on the coach’s horses at the coach’s facilities.



Section 1. The officers of BEC shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Travel Officer, Fundraising Chair, Team Captains, and Safety Officers.

Section 2. The duties of the President shall include:

        A.    Organizing and running club meetings.

B.    Keeping all officers up to date on necessary information.

C.    Delegating responsibilities as needed.

D.    Maintaining the officer and club membership e-mail lists.

E.    Forming committees whenever necessary to conduct club business.

F.    Maintaining general contact with the riding instructor/barn.

G.    Organizing scheduling of club and team lessons, practices, and other non-fundraising events.

H.    Acting upon any situation or event that is deemed absolutely necessary without the unanimous agreement of the officers or members. (See Article VII, Section 3)

Section 3. The duties of the Vice President shall include:

A.    Assisting the President with the fulfillment of his/her duties.

B.    Serving as Acting President during absences of the President.

C.    Providing support for the development of club activities planned by the active members.

Section 4. The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

A.    Handling all financial operations and maintaining all financial records of the organization, including all necessary funding or sponsorship requests.

B.    Preparing the club’s annual budget.

C.    The actions of the Treasurer shall be subject to review by the President, and Vice President.

Section 5. The duties of the Secretary shall include:

A.    Recording detailed minutes of each club meeting.

        B.    Maintaining the club membership roster.

C.    Maintaining an attendance record of each club meeting.

D.    Distributing via email the minutes of each club meeting to all members within two days after the meeting.

E. Maintaining contact with the Team Captains in order to record and update individual and team points. 

Section 6. The duties of the Travel Officer shall include:

A.    Completing and turning in all required paperwork for traveling off campus in a timely matter.

B.    Maintaining contact with the President and Vice President about upcoming traveling.

C.    Maintaining a current list of all active club members who are authorized drivers.

Section 7. The duties of the Safety Officers shall include:

A.    Responsibility of ensuring, to the best of their ability, that all club members are aware of pertinent safety measures and are acting upon them at all times during meetings, practices, and competitions.

B.    Obtaining and submitting a valid CPR and First Aid certification to the club sports office.

C.    Carrying accident reports at all times at club events.

D.    Recording and reporting any accidents incurred during club meetings, practices, competitions, or other club events.

E.    Attending to an injured participant in a manner consistent with CPR/FA standards until they are no longer able to perform treatment or trained medical personnel have arrived.

Section 8. The duties of the Fundraising Chair shall include:

A.    Organizing fundraisers for the club with the assistance of club officers and members.

B.    Contacting appropriate person(s) in order for fundraisers to be held.

C.    Promoting club and team fundraising efforts throughout the college and local community.

D.    If treasurer is unavailable at any fundraiser, collecting all money and turning it in to the treasurer.

Section 9. The duties of the Team Captains shall include:

A.    Work closely with coach to maintain scheduled team practices

B.    Prepare teammates for competitions by holding mandatory pre-show meetings, ensuring that teammates have proper riding attire, answering any questions that teammates might have about the shows, and explaining expectations for team conduct at shows

C.    Keep a binder with riders info, points, show results, IHSA rulebook, and forms

D.    Record and manage riders IHSA points/placing at each show and know each rider’s points going into shows so that we know when riders qualify for regionals.

E.    Record and manage team points and standings at each show

F.    Attend all shows, and assist our coach while at shows

G.    Turn in entries for IHSA shows

H.    If coach cannot attend show, fulfill coaches duties at coaches meetings and paperwork needs

I.      Report to President who is going to each show, and report back with results no more than two days after returning from trip. Results should also be sent to Club Sports office.

J.     Plan trips to shows by printing driving directions and researching hotel accommodations (the President will book the hotel.)

K.    Responsible for checking in and out of hotel for the team

L.     Collect show entry fees from all teammates prior to leaving for shows and turn in all entry fees at the show

M.   During trips, keep all receipts to be turned in to the Sport Club office no later than two days after returning from trip

N.    Work closely with newly elected Captain during transitional period

O.    Work with the Secretary to maintain current team point standing



Section 1. Officer elections will be held at the end of each academic year. The term of office shall be one academic year. Officers shall be responsible to uphold their official duties until new officers are appointed.

Section 2. Officer elections will consist of the following three step process: 1. nominations, 2. elections, 3. run-off elections (if needed)

A.    Nominations - Nominations will be held the meeting prior to the scheduled date of elections. Any active club member may nominate a fellow club member to any of the club officer positions, with the exception of the President position. Only members holding a current office or committee chair position shall be eligible to run for the presidency of the BEC -- the President position must be nominated from a current officer or chairperson. Nominations will only be accepted during the meeting prior to elections. Candidates can be nominated for more than one position and they may nominate themselves for a position if they are not nominated by another member. Candidates may not hold more than one officer position at one time.

B.    Elections - Elections will consist of each candidate speaking for up to five minutes, followed by up to three minutes of questions and answers from the club membership. Only active members present at the meeting shall cast a vote, and only these votes shall count toward the computation of the 50%+1 required margin for election to office. The order of elections shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Safety Officers.

C.    Run-Off Elections - In the event that no candidate receives at least 50%+1 of the vote of the currently active club members, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes.

Section 3. In the event that an officer is judged to be deficient in his/her duties (as decided by a unanimous agreement of the other club officers), he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the club's membership.


Section 1. The club shall meet at least twice per month. A listing of meeting dates shall be established by the Club Officers and shall be supplied to all club members no later than one week before the first meeting. The team shall also have required pre-show meetings, between 1 and 3 days before each show, led by the Team Captains.

Section 2. In the event that an emergency meeting of the club needs to be held, the President of the club shall have the authority to call such meetings. At least 24 hours notice shall be provided to all officers and active members by sending out both a voicemail and e-mail. Communication of emergency meetings will be the responsibility of the Club Secretary.

Section 3. In the event that the President acts upon a situation without the unanimous agreement of the Officers or club members, the President must call an emergency meeting in order to explain the decision to all active members. Officers and members will have the opportunity to uphold or veto the President’s actions with a 2/3 majority vote.


Section 1. Amendments may be made to this constitution at any time by a two-thirds vote of the active club membership.

Section 2. Members interested in proposing amendments to the constitution must submit the proposed amendment to the President no later than seven days before the Club's next meeting.

Section 3. The proposed amendment shall be presented via e-mail to the active club membership no later than five days before the meeting where the amendment will be debated.

Section 4. Upon receiving a two-thirds affirmative vote in favor on a constitutional amendment/revision, the President shall submit the amendment/revision in writing to the club sports office for review/approval.

Article X. Ratification

            The constitution for the Brockport Equestrian Club was ratified unanimously.