Brockport Equestrian

Welcome to the official site for the Brockport Equestrian Club and IHSA team

Want to Join Us?

There are several steps to becoming an active member of the Equestrian Club. Follow these easy directions and you'll be a part of the club in no time! Remember, riding is optional for club members. If you do not wish to ride, disregard steps 2 and 3.


1. Complete and turn in the Club Sport Participation Packet                                                     The College at Brockport requires all students interested in joining a club sport to fill out the Club Participation Packet. This can be accessed by logging in to the Club Sports page on myBROCKPORT, located here. Please be advised that you will need to provide a digital copy of your current insurance card/information. You can do this by scanning it into your computer, or by taking a digital photo and importing it to your computer. Once this is correctly submitted, you will be automatically added onto the Equestrian Club's myBROCKPORT page.                                                                                                    ***Note*** In order to participate in ANY club activities, you MUST have your participation packet filled out and submitted. Participating in lessons, shows, and other activities with the club without a participation packet on file may result in disciplinary action. 

 2. Sign liability waiver                                    Before taking your first lesson, you must sign the liability waiver provided by the stable. This waiver acknowledges that riding a horse involves risk, but as long as you are safe and responsible, injury in unlikely.

3. Wear appropriate attire                                                                                                Riding horses requires a bit of preparation!  Here are the basics to keep you safe and   comfortable while taking lessons:                                                                                           - ASTM/SEI certified riding (NOT bike) helmet.  We will have a small collection of "community helmets" if you do not have your own.                                                              - Hard-soled boots with a 1/2"-1" heel.  Steel toed boots are unacceptable.  We will have a small selection of "community" boots if you do not have yours at your lesson, but please make boots your top priority if you must purchase anything!                                       - Jeans or breeches. Comfortable jeans that you can move in, please no ripped or skin tight jeans!                                                                                                                             - Half chaps/tall boots or full chaps. Optional. Chaps and half chaps are designed to make your ride more comfortable, and keep you more stable in the saddle, but are not necessary.                                                                                                                             - Dress for the weather! Remember, we are in western NY, where lake effect snow and unpredictable weather are not uncommon. Wear an extra layer or two; you can always take a layer off if you get too warm! Please no plastic ponchos. 

4. Get involved!                                                                                                           Although Equestrian Club is afforded a small budget by the college, we get most of our funding from our own club members' efforts. Sometimes we must pay out of pocket, but we try not to if at all possible. In order to keep costs down, we need all club members to take a bit of time out of their schedules and help us fundraise and perform community service projects. By getting involved and helping our club maintain our active status, you also help eliminate potential out of pocket costs, and we usually have a lot of fun doing it!


Still want to join? We can't wait to meet you! Check us out and become a member of the Brockport Equestrian Club at our next meeting!