Brockport Equestrian

Welcome to the official site for the Brockport Equestrian Club and IHSA team

About the Facility                                          

 Sweet Release Equestrian Center has been the home to the Brockport Equestrian Club and IHSA Team for 4 years now.  We've grown a ton and learned so much here!  We're looking forward to consistent improvement and growth as a team, particularly now that we're making a name for ourselves.  In her first year as coach, Jolene Hasseler had someone qualify for Regionals! For 2014 we had 2 riders qualified for Western Regionals, and we will have at least one rider at Regionals for both huntseat and western this year.  =)  

 I'd also like to congratulate our Western Team for being Reserve High Point Team on October 20th, 2014 @ Alfred, even with only half of our point card filled.  We're getting there!  



Our Horses!

Diesel (SREC Low Emissions)

 Diesel (affectionately known as DD) is a favorite.  He's a 14.1, 6-coming-7 year old paint gelding.  He came to SREC in July of 2012 specifically to become a team horse.  He jumps 2'3" courses with a simple change and packs our walk/trotters/joggers around.  DD goes Huntseat and Western.  

Woodrow (SREC Paid in Full)

Woodrow is an ex-fingerlakes, 5-coming-6 year old, 16.3h Thoroughbred gelding that Jolene has just purchased for her lesson program following a 1-month trial.  He's a sweetheart and aims to please.  Woodrow is jumping 2'6" courses easily and we're working on his flying changes.  Such a smart, sweet boy!  Everyone loves him!  Jolene showed him locally in the greens over the summer of 2014

Shyanne (SREC Sweet Tijus)

Shyanne (AKA Shy) is a 17 year old, 16h Thoroughbred mare.  She was our coach's first horse and has been with her for over 10 years.  This girl lives up to the chestnut mare stereotype, but she's a phenomenal teacher, as she has training in dressage and huntseat.  She can jump a 3' course with ease, has a lead change if you ask correctly, and lets the rider know exactly what she thinks, all the time.  We use her for an occasional western lesson as well--just prepare to work to sit that "jog!"

Jet (My Private Jet)

Jet is a 11 year old, 15.1h Thoroughbred gelding, owned by the Clarke family, who graciously allow us to use him as a team practice horse while Audrey is away at college.  He's a sweet, quiet little guy who will pack anyone around but can also jump a 3' course.    Almost has an auto change, can be used for western lessons if necessary.  




Onyx is a 14.3h, coming-4 yo filly.  She came to us late summer of 2014 from Georgia so she's adjusting to the NY weather!  She is a very sensitive little girl but is a wonderful ride for the right rider.  Everyone can learn softness of the aids on her.  Thanks to Jennifer Talbot for allowing us to use her new, first horse!




Joe is a 16h chestnut gelding in his late teens.  He is owned by a former Brockport Equestrian Club rider who has graciously allowed us to use him as a lesson horse.  He's a nice mover, has been started over crossrails, but will mainly be a flat horse due to his age. Joe is a real "packer"  He has a lot to teach us about straightening the horse!  

 Mac (Maconna)


Mac is a 9 year old, 15.3h black appendix gelding.  He is owned by one of SREC's boarders. Kristen is gracious enough to let us use him occasionally.  He is quite lazy and has an opinion about everything but is safe for just about anyone to ride.  Mac goes English and Western; he's trying to learn dressage with his owner.  


Enzo (Enzo Ferrari)


Enzo is a 9 year old, 16.3h Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding that will be coming for the winter months, as his owner (a private student of Jolene's) does not have an indoor arena and would like to keep him in work.  We had him as a lesson horse for advanced students last winter, but wait until you see him now!  One of Jolene's students free leased him over the summer and put a ton of work into him.  His flat is absolutely beautiful and he's going to teach a lot of people about what a horse should feel like underneath them.  His fences are coming along, though he tends to hunt down the lines and land a little bit heavy.  Confirmed lead changes and a lovely ride.  




Sammie is a 9 yo, 16.3h bay gelding.  He is also owned by the same person as Theo and Enzo, and will be staying for the winter.  Sam is a little bit green, but very quiet, solid, and steady.  We're trying to teach him about canter transitions!  He will make sure our riders are definite and clear with their aids.   



Jet II


Jet II is a 9 year old solid black paint gelding with a bald face.  He is owned by a friend of Jolene's who is gracious enough to let us use him for lessons.  Jet II is green but has come a LONG way since he first came to SREC in March of 2014.  He's a solid guy and is starting to learn to jump.  This is another horse that requires distinct, clear aids.  

Theo (Theo So Fly)


Theo is a 6 year old, 16.2h Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding.  Theo and Enzo are owned by the same person and Theo will be coming over for us during the winter months as well.  We  had Theo last year and a few of us were able to try him out.  He has also had a ton of miles put on him this summer and I'm excited to have the team be able to use him. This horse is relatively quiet but can get VERY heavy, so is going to teach us how to use our LEG!


Red (Redford)

Red is a 30 year old 15.3h Chestnut appendix gelding.  His owner is off to grad school out of state and has left Red in Jolene's excellent care.  We don't use him as he's getting older and has some soundness issues, but he's a a sweet guy.  Red has been "around the block," and is a barn favorite.  I encourage anyone that has the extra time to come over and spend some time loving him up and giving him a good grooming.  He deserves it!